New Zealand cattle-class is much like any other that we have used in the past and serves as a reminder that we should invest in a more spacious alternative! However, all news is good news, and I am settling into some music whilst Jo is off to Manchester by the Sea. What is wonderful about the music, I hear you ask? Earth a Wind and Fire, is what is…..Getaway, followed by Fantasy and now rocking in cattle-class, September. This is amazing! Full volume! On repeat! This 10 hour jaunt will fly by. The woman behind me must wonder what on earth, wind and fire is happening in the seat in front and why doesn’t her’s move like mine?
OMG Boogie Wonderland!

OK, so two movies in and I am still comfortable. Love the whacky infomercial at the start of the flight about escape routes and air supply. NZ airlines have made an effort to jazz it all up. Good food, good wine. Gay stewards, no surprise there I guess, and a rather large lady stewardess who, as she strides the aisles, manages, on every pass, a buttock rub against my arm. Hey ho.
The movies, Come Hell or High Water followed straightaway with Allied. The latter, I must admit, was totally gripping, terrific film. Whoops, she’s just brushed past me again. You’d think she’d do something about her 747 berth!

Jo has chatted up the bloke by the window, who went off for a walk and came back with cookies for us all! Haven’t spoken a word to him yet, too involved with Allied.

I’ve spotted her coming back and moved my arm in. There she goes.
And back she comes with another butt-brush. She’s the only one wide enough to cause this minor irritation.

So the clock tells me NZ001 Lands in 4h 57 minutes.

Here’s a question. Is it correct to use the phrase Pre-book? Or Pre-order? Isn’t it tautological?
She’s just gone past again! Sit down woman.

Right, pee and sleep we think. Not before another butt-brush! Jeez!

Actually now in the Renaissance Marriott Hotel. First impressions of LA? Frantic and overcrowded. However, in the peace and serenity of the suite, courtesy of Hayley, we feel relaxed. Jo is actually out for the count, bless her.


3 thoughts on “LAnded

  1. Glad you have arrived safely..albeit battered and bruised from stewardess whose ‘are is the size of a small country!’ – my favourite line from Divine Comedy’s ‘National Express’ song. Have fun and keep these articles coming! Xxc


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