Deadline 16 days

We are going where the weather suits our clothes, although not to where this snap was taken. It is a life-laundering exercise rummaging through wardrobes and drawers making the required option; what to take, leave or throw, all in order to make space available for the new range of fashion that will accommodate the said wardrobes and drawers, belonging to Tom and Emily. Much has been collected today by the recycling crew that venture along the hill very other week. Good to see them separate the clothing from the normal plastics, tins and cardboard. I liked that. It felt like “community”.

So the clear out commenced last evening. Currently, two suitcases have been filled with clothes “being left” and have been safely stored in the eaves. Jo is in the attic finalising another clear out that started last year. She needs to be sure that, should anything happen to us whilst away, all the treasure boxes can be easily sorted by Hayley and Tom. Forever the organiser. Bless.

Being away from “home” for half a year is a daunting prospect. The trepidation of “leaving it all behind”, albeit in safe hands, is tempered by the wonderful thoughts of being where the weather suits our clothes, and not very many of them either! The warm and sunny climate of the southern US states to the tropical climes of Thailand and then the winter of NZ. Quite a contrast. We will buy warmer clothes in NZ and have another life-launder before returning to the UK, since we are only taking one bag each!

We seek new visions, new experiences, new involvements, new people, new food, new smells, new light, new rhythms of life. It will be life changing – perhaps even a metamorphosis! If we are not careful, like can become quite hum-drum.

I do believe that our society has it wrong. The work-life-balance ideal is well intended but it puts work before life. Life precedes work, surely, if you take life to mean living and with living, enjoyment. Confucius was right – and so was my dad, who paraphrased what the Chinese philosopher by saying THERE’S NO FUN LIKE WORK. However, I maintain that, given the opportunity to start a society, and the way things are going in the world, that might be sooner than we think! Given that Trump and Kim Jong-un have a go at each other – we chip in, along with the Chinese, and civilisation becomes anything but, I would take a step back and start again – given that I didn’t die along with everyone else and his brother! The new start, the new values, new rhythms, new visions – a new society – would look something like this……


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