Jack Barrow

This young man, currently full of the joys of Spring, sweeping the drive, digging holes in the borders, wheeling barrowloads of nothing everywhere, is a certain favourite in the “missing you” stakes, when we take off. We have naturally grown close to this rather special boy, who charms us, alarms us and generally loves us loving him. Along with Mummy and Daddy they will relish the joys of country living, in their very own, at least for a while, home. Mummy became very active today, and quite the mother-earth example for Jack. Emily, took to the green-stuff outside. Our erstwhile lawns of the summer! “You don’t have to help me now, Richard” she said “But can you get the lawnmower our for me? I want to cut the grass.” When any woman starts off by saying “…you don’t have to help me now” they naturally mean, will you stop whatever you are doing, it is not as important as what I am about to do, and although I can’t do it without your help, what you are doing can wait until I am fully satisfied that I can continue without you! So, guess what? I stopped. Lugged the mower out, brushing off the cobwebs to lighten the load, she doesn’t look the strongest beer on the shelf, bless her. Discovering the need for petrol, I realised this was going to become an expedition. It didn’t take long, however, to instruct the newly enthused lawn moweress on how to fill ‘er up and pull the cord to start the motor. Except, the pulling of the cord was a tad on the manly side, requiring more muscle than apparently available in the form of “Mummy”. A further quick instruction on choke and idle features, high and low cut, and the machine, along with Emily and Jack, was fired-up, matching her obvious enthusiasm. They were both, all three of them, ready to go.

Two hours, or so, later, with a few extra and intermittent “You don’t have to help me nows…” because the engine stalled in the long grass – I am pleased to say the grass has been done for the first time this year! Plus, I am also pleased to announce that within that period of time, Emily had built up her strength enough to start the mower herself.

The finishing touches to lawn-mowing, like the edges and annoying sections where the mower wont go and around tree trucks will be left for another day and perhaps in the safer hands of Daddy and the range of strimmers required. Although………

Suffice to say, the grass, gardens, vegetables and paddock will require this very same level of energy throughout our time away. I trust that the enthusiasm levels are also maintained to the same level as I witnessed. Should they be lacking, I fear upon our return, we shall be met by an overgrown jungle, the like of which we are more likely to find on our travels, the other side of the equator!!!!

Great job today Emily. By the way, I put the mower, the petrol can, the picnic table, the benches, Jack’s mower, fork and spade and football away………just incase you wondered where they went.


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