Sitting in the car, in the fog and rain and the traffic, motionless on the  M25 this morning I became heartened. The smile grew on my face, as I looked at the cars and their drivers, all seemingly chasing the extra few feet, the extra few seconds! Who could be first to the next stopping point, just a few hundred yards away? The smile grew because I knew, that in just a couple of weeks or more, we, Jo and I, would be embarking on a rather exciting and quite spontaneous adventure. Life has the rather uncanny knack of presenting you with so many little problems but I have always maintained an “all news is good news” philosophy. So this concertina traffic waltz, that danced us to Heathrow, delivering Hayley, Aaron and our grandson Jake to their aeroplane bound for their sweet home in Alabama, reminded me of how life, at least for the next six months, would be quite different, simply because Tom, Emily and grandson Jack lost the house they were buying in Faversham.

It is important to step back and take a fresh look at “things” a fresh look at life even. John Berger, author of WAYS OF SEEING, who died recently, bless him, said – “Today we see the art of the past as nobody saw it before. We actually perceive it in a different way.” Well Jo and I are about to look at life in a different way. We are about to leave one life behind, at least for a while, and look at and experience and embrace another. A life with old eyes and new visions. We will be investing time and energies in new environments, new cultures, new light, new smells, new tastes, new perceptions.


We invite you to join us as our adventure unfolds.

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Jo Andrews is a wonderful woman, wife, mother, Nanna Jo, writer, director, chef, first-aider, retired teacher, company secretary and avid brain trainer.

Richard Andrews is her husband.

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